Top Reasons to Start a Container Garden

Container gardening involves growing plants in containers rather than in the ground. The containers are made from different materials such as clay, wood, metal, plastic and are designed to allow drainage. Before introducing seedlings or transplants, container soil is added. This type of gardening has a number of benefits. Below are the top reasons to start a container garden.

Expands Gardening Space

First and foremost, container gardening allows you to grow herbs, flowers, or vegetables even if you do not have a lot of space. A container garden therefore expands your gardening space. This is especially important to someone who lives in an apartment and yet is passionate about gardening.

Also, a container garden can be established indoors. Therefore if space is a limiting factor, start a container garden and enjoy the benefits that come with gardening. In addition, you can start a container garden if your space is not suitable for the plants you want to grow.

Allows Movability

The other top reason to start a container garden is its convenience. Because plants are grown in containers, you can move your garden from one spot to another. For example, you can move the containers indoors during winter when the weather outside is unfavorable to your plants.

Increases Aesthetic Appeal

Containers overflowing with flower greatly increases the aesthetic appeal of your property. There are different designs of containers and different plants to grow to achieve the desired decoration. In addition, the containers can be placed in different arrangements indoors or outdoors. Various locations in your home can be ideal for a container garden. Moreover, even with a ground garden, adding more plants in containers increases the beauty and versatility of the garden.

More Control over Growing Conditions

When growing plants in containers, you can control the quality of the soil that your plants will receive. Therefore, if you live in an area with poor soils, you can still enjoy the benefits that come with gardening. Also, you can more easily control how much water the plants receive.

Moreover, you can select a spot that will supply ample amount of sunlight to your plants. This therefore further increases the fun while gardening. Since you have more and better control over growing conditions, you can even start a container garden to grow plants that will normally not thrive in your locality.

Lesser Risk of Diseases

Container plants are also not as much at risk to soil-borne diseases compared to ground plants. This is because the container soil is sterile and does not contain the microorganisms that are normally found in garden soil such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Also, controlling pests and weeds is much easier when plants are planted in containers compared to the ground.

These are the top reasons to start a container garden. A container garden offers more convenience and flexibility. It is advisable to start small with a few containers and plants so that you learn what works in your area. Also, remember to take good care of your plants since a little neglect will do them a lot of damage.

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