5 Top Reasons to Garden with Children

Are you wondering if it is okay to go out and garden with the children? You could also be at a loss at what exactly they can do in the garden. Since we highlighted the age appropriate gardening chores for kids in a previous post, in today’s article, we give the top 5 reasons to garden with children. Read through and find why you should involve the young ones in the garden as well.

1. They Will Embrace Healthy Eating

Gardening with children is one of the easiest ways to encourage them to embrace a healthy eating habit. This is because, they love it when they eat foods they have grown themselves. Actually, once the fruits or vegetables mature, a child does not need any prodding to consume it since they were involved right from the start.

2. Leads to Psychomotor Development

Another top reason to tug the little ones along is the fact that gardening leads to psychomotor development. Participating in the various activities in the garden help the kids exercise various muscles and brain cells leading to immense contribution in their growth. They also engage their senses of sight, smell and touch while they are in the garden. Moreover, gardening is a great way to introduce mathematical and scientific concepts to young children. Actually, the garden is a great science laboratory at your home.

3. They Appreciate Nature and the Environment

In the garden, children learn very early in their lives the importance of taking care of the environment. In addition, they learn the importance of nature. Besides, they will notice your concerns and learn in the process such complex matters such as pollution, eco-friendly products and taking care of the environment in general. This in turn will nurture them into grownups who value their environment.

4. Gardening Brings the Family Together

Gardening with children also brings the family together. It therefore provides a great opportunity for family members to bond and connect with each other. Moreover, as you watch your children perform various tasks in the garden, your sense of achievement as a parent increases. Besides, you can identify talents or passions in your child in the garden.

5. Gardening Imparts Valuable Life Skills and Virtues

Another reason why you should encourage kids to love gardening is the valuable life skills they will gain in the process. It also imparts virtues. For example, when they take care of their plants or perform assigned chores, they become responsible people. Also, when they wait for flowers, vegetables or fruits to mature from seedlings or cuttings, they learn the value of patience. On the other hand, when they work with you or with other siblings, teamwork is nurtured. As you can see, different activities in the garden impart important life skills and virtues in the young ones.

These are the top 5 reasons to garden with children. It is okay to introduce even two year olds to the beauty of gardening. However, as you involve the young ones in the garden, ensure they only engage in age appropriate chores. Their safety should also be given the priority it deserves. 

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