The Importance of Gardening Gloves

1.      Protect hands against harsh weather

gloves in harsh weather

If you will be working in cold weather, your hands will remain warm if you put on well-fitting gloves. Also, if you wear waterproof gloves, you will not worry about your hands getting wet while you tend to your plants. Protect hands from cuts

2. Protect hands from cuts

gloves protect from cut

A pair of gloves will protect your hands from scratches, cuts and pricks. If you are pruning or just checking plants without appropriate gloves, you risk injuries because of pricks from thorns. In addition, gloves will protect your hands when sharpening tools. Another important reason to wear gloves is to maintain the texture of your hands. You should therefore resist the temptation to handle equipment with bare hands.

3.      Protect hands from insects and other bugs

gloves protect from insects

The other reason to always have your gloves on when in the garden is to avoid bites from insects and other bugs. You should particularly be careful when pruning since you could be destroying the home of some of these creatures. Their natural response will be to fight off the intruder. Just imagine the pain you can experience if bitten by an angry wasp.

4.      Prevent nail breakage

nail breaking

When your hands are inside the protective covering of gloves, your finger nails are well protected. You will therefore not worry about nail breakage. Moreover, it is important to remember that ail protection is not a preserve for ladies alone. Even men should protect their finger nails. Prevent contact with chemicals and other substances

5. Prevent contact with chemicals and other substances

gloves protect from chemical

Gloves also help you handle various chemicals and substances without worrying about possible contamination or infection. In particular, if you have an open cut or wound, contact with some substances such as pesticides, fertilizer or compost can delay healing.

These are the major reasons why you should never go to the garden without your gloves. Moreover, there are different gloves to suit different weather and work. It is also advisable to choose well-fitting gloves.

Below is a brief description of the different types of gloves. Cotton Gloves 

i. Cotton Gloves

cotton gloves

These are made from cotton and suitable for simple gardening work such as picking flowers, trimming and cutting branches or stems.

      ii.            Rubber or Latex Gloves

blue rubber gloves

These are elastic, flexible and waterproof. They are suitable when dealing with water.

    iii.            Leather Gloves

leather gloves

Because they are made from leather material, these are perfect when you work with sharp plants. 

    iv.            Nitrile Gloves

nitrile gloves

These gloves are coated with nitrile material that is quite strong. They are therefore the best when handling gardening tools. A good application is when you are sharpening different tools.

You should always have your gloves when going to the garden. This is the only way to ensure your hands are well waited during various gardening activities.

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