Indoor Gardening Tips and Ideas

Have you decided to establish an indoor garden but do not know where to start? Do not be worried, below are important tips and ideas to help you start an amazing indoor garden. As you will soon realize, indoor gardening is even simpler than gardening outdoors. 

1. Invest in tools and equipment

gardening tools

Once you decide to begin an indoor garden, the first step is to have required tools and equipment. You will need watering cans, storage containers, pruners or a pair of scissors, a hand trowel, and a shovel.  You also need to buy a few pairs of high quality gloves as well as clothes you will be wearing when gardening.

2. Choose a design

indoor garden design

How do you want your indoor garden to look like? What about the theme? These two considerations basically sum up the design of your garden. Once you choose a design, it is important to stick with it. Your indoor garden will therefore look appealing and organized.

3. Choose a good spot

well lighted living rooms with plants

After you have chosen a design for your indoor garden, next choose a good location in your house. The right location must have plenty of natural light and be freely accessible. It is also important to note that indoor plants grown for food require more light than those grown for aesthetic purposes. Also choose a space without any clutter. If you have pets and little children, consider that too.

4. Start small

few indoor plants

As you start your indoor garden, do not make the mistake of trying to grow many plants at once. Start small so that you can have ample time for your plants. In addition, the plants need space in order to thrive. Some plants such as mint spread extensively and can kill your other garden plants. Therefore, your space and the type of plants you grow should be considered.  Besides, there is quite a lot to learn when you are new into indoor gardening. Therefore, start with a few plants remembering that less is more when it comes to gardening.

5. Choose plants well

different types of plant

Not all plants can adapt to an indoor environment no matter your best efforts. It is therefore important to select plants that will easily thrive in an indoor garden. Good examples include lettuce, herbs, tomatoes and most ornamental plants. Tomatoes do well in indoor environments because they require less space since they grow upwards. Some of the herbs you can grow include mint, parsley, rosemary and thyme. These require little light and are therefore ideal for an indoor garden. If you are to have a mix of plants in your indoor garden, group them well. Remember that some plants should not be grown next to each other.

Start an amazing indoor garden with these tips and ideas. In order to get the most out of your indoor garden, give it the attention it deserves. In particular, it is important to establish the right watering routine based on the water requirements of the plants you have grown.  You should also look monitor the health of the plants so that in case of disease attack, you intervene in time.

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