Choosing the Best Containers for Container Gardening

Choosing the best plant containers for a container garden must be a priority to any gardener. There is a wide variety of factors to consider but the overriding consideration should be the health of your plants.

Below are the major factors to bear in mind when choosing containers for your container garden.

The size of the container

different size of containers

Choose containers that comfortably accommodate the plants you plan to grow. Think about the root system as well as the above ground characteristics of the plants when fully grown. The container has to provide enough space for the plants to thrive.

Moreover, the best gardening container holds sufficient amounts of soil. In addition, when buying containers, consider your space.

The shape of the container

It is also important to choose a container whose shape will fit well in the available space. The shape of the container must as well accommodate the plant’s growth. This is because plants grow differently. You must also choose a shape that is nice looking to increase the beauty of your garden.

The material of the container

Plant containers are made from different materials. Common materials include wood, glass, clay, plastic, metal and concrete. Each of these materials works fine in different setups. Therefore, there are situations where a metal container will be the best while in other cases wood is just fine.

For example, while terra cotta is a popular container garden material, it is fragile and prone to temperature fluctuations. However, the major constant feature of the best material for a container garden is the drainage capacity. Consider this as you choose your containers since well-drained soil is required for healthy plants.

 The Color of the container

When choosing color, consider what works for your space. If you have your garden indoors, think about how the color of the containers will match with the rest of the space. The containers must actually accentuate the beauty of your indoor environment; not dampen it in any way.

Color is also important because it affects moisture and heat in the containers. Generally, darker colors absorb and retain more heat while lighter colors reflect light. Therefore, the color you choose can affect watering requirements.

The durability of the container

It is important to buy containers that provide value for your money. Containers that are made from quality components will definitely last long. While purchasing containers for your container garden, consider the nature of maintenance that will be required as well.

This involves both the care of the container itself as well as the care of the plants. Consider how you will carry out routine gardening activities such as pruning, watering, fertilizing and spraying when you choose a container for container gardening. 

These are the most important factors to consider when choosing containers for container gardening. As already stated, choose a container that will provide the best growing environment for the plants.

The aesthetic appeal of the containers you select must also not be ignored when buying. The right containers in your garden therefore contribute greatly to successful container gardening.  

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